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Settle My Accounts 


I know you enjoy the rush of sending all your finances to me and trust me, I get so much pleasure from taking them.


Access my store and settle my accounts would you slave……quickly


Luxury apartment + bills

$1500 per week

$6000 per month


Beauty services

Hair $300

Nails $150

Skin $420


Personal Trainer

1 session $120

5 sessions $490

10 sessions $900


**get access to my live stream work out sessions** follow me on Twitter for details


Luxury Vehicle

New tires & service $800

Insurance: $200

Fuel: $100

Registration $1000


Fine Dinning

5 star restaurant for me and a friend $500

Brunch for me and a friend $150

Uber eats $100

Cover my daily meals or grocery shopping bill $200

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