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    Introducing the talented photographer and performance artist Mistress Tiffany DeLux……

    Here you can find Tiffany Delux's art work and photography.


    Through this page you may donate and support the art work created and the artist her self.


    Biography Of A Financial Domme

    I was once a corporate debt collector with an American blue chip company. I would often crush betas like yourself in the boardroom. I get off on squeezing every last dollar out of beta males accounts with my tricks, late fees and hidden charges.

    Within weeks of joining the company I had the CEO under my control, first it started with him buying me lunch and then it escalated to shopping sprees and a new car. I used him up and left him with blue balls. I blackmailed him and wrecked a few homes and relationships in under a year.


    It became apparent by the droves of beta men grovelling at my feet in the corporate world that it was time for every man to serve me and devote their lives to my happiness and abundance.


    Men love to be under my control, my beauty and intelligence penetrate deep into the male brain and destroy it.


    Wise beyond my years, I will turn you to mush! A master of mind fucking and seduction.


    I will have you draining your accounts plus your pension fund just to please me.


    I’m the most petty little princess that won’t stop taking even when you tell me to stop. I’m uncontrollable and non negotiable when it comes to money and expensive things.


    Only the best will do!


    Are you ready to become my human ATM?

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